Deliver consolidated multi-methodology projects on time and within budget


Flexibly plan and manage hybrid work

Outline the project’s major milestones and phases while Agile teams manage and adjust their sprints and backlogs within those phases. Track everything in a unified system that monitors dependencies and progress across methodologies.

Digital Transformation

Manage resources across different types of projects

Whatever methodology your resources use, attain an accurate overview of time spent, skills sets, and capacity—so you canallocate work, balance workloads, and forecast for both long-term planning and short-term iterations.

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Achieve accurate financial oversight

Monitor budgets, expenditures, and billing across Agile and Waterfall project components. Provide consolidated reports to ensure financial accountability and enable cost-effective decision-making.

Manage intake for maximum value

Project Manager

Empower your teams to work in the methodology that fits the project best, whether it’s Agile, Waterfall, Phase Gates, CCPM, or a hybrid combination. Regardless of team preferences, you can manage, monitor, and report on the project in a unified way.

Product Owner

From work feature definition to defining user stories and epics, managing and prioritizing the backlog, and running ceremonies, you can manage your entire product cycle and collaborate with stakeholders across Agile and Waterfall in one unified tool

Team members

Reduce time spent on logging and administrative tasks by automatically syncing Agile hours into your timesheets—even if the work is done in Jira. Manage your to-dos and communicate with your team, all within the same intuitive system.


View and report on progress of multiple-methodology portfolios in a unified way. Calculate and aggregate costs of labor and materials, project progress, and resource capacity across projects and programs that employ various work methodologies.

Key adaptive hybrid methodology features

  • Flexible project planning
  • Agile product management
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Resource management
Flexible project planning

Accommodate both iterative cycles and phased delivery schedules in the same project.

· Gantt overview of hybrid project plan with drill-down options

· Synchronize the project with information coming from Iterations, Releases, Epics, and Team Members

· Automatically sync details of work done in Jira into the hybrid project

Agile product management

Accurately translate product vision into actionable tasks and ensure quality deliverables—regardless of methodology.

· Create user stories and epics, managebacklog items, and fix issues

· Track progress with charts for burn down,burn up, and velocity

· Utilize Kanban boards for a visual backlogview

Collaboration across teams

Ensure that stakeholders across teams following different methodologies stay aligned.

· Work together with all project stakeholders on actions, deliverables, and issues, all in one connected system.

· Discuss and collaborate on back-log items, share documents and results, or raise alerts in real-time.

· Prep and manage stand-up meetings directly in MS Teams, through our native Teams integration.

Resource management

Achieve accurate visibility into resource availability, skill sets, and current allocations.

· Unify capacities and skills across both Agile and Waterfall teams.

· Efficiently report and import Agile actuals in timesheets for accurate time representation.

Provide a holistic view of the product's development and its impact on the business

Seamlessly integrate with any other enterprise system via an open API.

Jira & DevOps

Link Jira, ServiceNow, or DevOps to Sciforma to retrieve actual activity logs and generate accurate time and completion reports. For example, work in Jira can be completely synced into Sciforma projects

Microsoft Teams

For a faster and easier user experience, collaborate on assigned work or run stand-ups and ceremonies using the Microsoft Teams integration.

BI Tools

Pull any data from Sciforma into your BI tools. Create as many connections as you need using Sciforma’s Rest API.

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“Sopra Steria has found in Sciforma the skills required to finely manage Agile projects. The synchronization across Agile and Waterfall projects has greatly facilitated the success of Sopra Steria’s projects.”

Jean-Denis Darrigol, Project Director – Group Industrial Department

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