The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide Tool Kit

How to Select the Right PPM Tool


Looking to elevate your organization’s PPM processes through digitalization, but don’t know how to select the right PPM tool? Streamline the decision-making process with our complete Digital Transformation Guide Tool Kit. It contains 5 comprehensive guides crafted by Sciforma solution experts to keep you on track, ensuring you make the best investment for your business goals and objectives.

What’s Inside the Digital Transformation Guide Tool Kit

Assessment Framework for Identifying PPM Pain Points and KPIs
    • Identify inefficiencies in your business’s project and portfolio management (PPM) processes, and map them to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • Learn best practices to address the pain points negatively impacting business performance.
Developing a Business Case for Digitalization
    • Quantify the productivity, efficiency, financial, and other benefits of closing the Assessment gaps with the right PPM tool.
    • Explore representative templates for determining and presenting your performance gaps for key decision-makers and stakeholders.
The Expert Guide to Selecting the Right Partner
    • Create a graphical overview of your high-level PPM solution requirements.
    • Evaluate 4 different types of PPM solution against 11 key solution requirements.
    • Discover the factors that differentiate Sciforma’s PPM solution from competitors.
The PPM Software Requirements Checklist
    • Compare PPM vendors across the requirements that matter most to your business
    • Consider beyond just PPM functionalities by reviewing vendors’ data encryption policies, usability, and professional services
Guide to Planning Your PPM Software Deployment for Maximum ROI
    • Learn 3 critical PPM software implementation success factors—and a 3-step implementation roadmap to achieve them
    • Discover change management best practices for tracking progress and user adoption
Your Guide to Calculating Sciforma ROI
    • Calculate the ROI of your investment in Sciforma’s PPM solution, using Sciforma customer experiences and industry benchmarks.
    • Learn the 3 levels of investment risk and how to mitigate them to achieve desired ROI.
    • Monetize the full Sciforma value proposition, including reduced project failure, reduced project cycle times, savings from eliminating low-value tasks, and more.

Don’t wait to learn how to select the right PPM tool! Download the Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide Tool Kit to elevate your PPM processes today for positive business impact tomorrow.

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